Mbazira Ramulah treated on Hope Ward

By Jemimah Kiboss:

  • Medical condition: Chronic Deep Venous Thrombosis

Mbazira Ramulah is a 27 year old adult female residing in Kabalagala Zana Zone, a single mother with 2 children, a grade three teacher who stopped teaching because of her medical condition.

Ramulah has had a blood clotting disorder for the last ten years and has been on Warfarin, that she has been getting from Mulago. She begun with simple blisters, but on scratching these, they developed into wounds. She received some treatment from Mulago but the wounds did not heal. She has also tried using herbal medicine but still there has not been any improvement. She normally feels a burning sensation especially in the evening and morning hours on the lower limb wounds.

Ramulah was identified by Dr Ian in the Community; he brought her to Hope Ward where she was assessed by Dr Sheila. On physical examination she had swollen painful limbs with open wounds and redness associated with dilation of the surface veins. A number of investigations were done including CBC, primary coagulation studies, doppler ultrasound, X-rays, RFTs LFTs. We initially thought surgical intervention could be necessary but on assessment by the general surgeon, Dr Sam, opted for medical treatment with the use of Warfarin, daily wound dressing and 24 hour limb elevation.

Within about 2 weeks of treatment on Hope Ward, the wounds had started showing signs of healing. The wounds healed well, she was discharged and is now routinely seen as an outpatient with visits to both our in-house Surgeon and Physician.

How Ramulah feels about the services received

She is very happy and thankful to Dr Ian who was able to bring her to Hope Ward. She will be resuming her teaching profession as soon as she gets another job.